JOYCOT Entertainment is a small indie game development team founded by Alex 'Sonius' PG, also known as 'Sonucais'. We used to create more forms of entertainment but today we strive to create modern 2D arcade games.

In the past, we collaborated with the popular artist TwistedGrimTV to make several shorts like 'The Magician', 'Sweet Grim' or 'Slippery Shower'. We also composed the soundtrack for the videogame 'El Silla' by Markanime Studios. We are currently working on TRIPLETRIX among other small projects we will reveal on the time.

We invite you to follow our projects on our blog and social media if you still don't.


Spinele FL

Despite Flash being dead, it's still a great tool to make animations. That's why we made Spinele FL, a script that 'spines' your Flash. Take the timeline from your Flash project and export a ready to use JSON for Spine Runetimes.


Currently Developing TRIPLETRIX, a Fast-Paced Action Puzzle Adventure with RPG elements based on Tetrominos. Help princess Keira to regain peace in the kingdom. Will you manage to control all of them at once?


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March 8, 2020

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